10.17.09 6th Annual Bookem Literacy Event, Waynesboro, VA

Book Readings

2.10.10 Armstrong Elementary, Greenville, SC
1.22.10 Wenona Elementary, Waynesboro, VA
12.4.09 Merrywood Elementary, Greenwood, SC
6.24.09 Peakland Preschool, Lynchburg, VA
3.27.09 Boonsboro Elementary, Lynchburg, VA
3.27.09 Thaxton Elementary, Thaxton, VA
3.13.09 Tree of Life, Fredericksburg, VA
3.5.09, Honea Path Elementary, Honea Path, SC
2.27.09 St. John’s Day School, Lynchburg, VA
1.30.09 New London Academy, Forest, VA

"Martha will delight audiences of any age with her
wonderful book. I feel honored to have had my class
get to meet her and hear about her writing process."

Julie Nagley, Kindergarten Teacher
New London Academy
, Forest, VA

Book Signings

6.20.09, Barnes and Noble, Tanglewood Mall, Roanoke, VA
2.21.09, Givens Books, Lynchburg, VA

On the Radio

6.25.09, Don McCauley, The Authors Show, MP3




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Thank you for visiting our school and reading your book Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair to our first graders. They really enjoyed the book as well as the antics of the bats in the story. Children this age love rhyming books so we also enjoyed that aspect of the book!

We appreciate your time and enthusiasm. Students of all ages need to be encouraged to read and sharing your book with us was a great form of encouragement! I hope to see you again next year! Thank you for the bookmarks!

- Mandy Warrender, Tomahawk Elementary First Grade Teacher, Lynchburg, VA

Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair by Martha Hamlett is a fun book about a girl's adventure at her grandmtother's house. Mrs. Hamlett carefully chose her words to rhyme and give meaning to her story. Boys and girls laughed at the antics of the bats in the artwork by Davey Morgan. My first graders and I were thoroughly entertained by Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair.
- Martha Wiley, Forest Elementary First Grade Teacher, Forest, VA

They were soo excited to have the author read to them and then they were absolutely amazed that the story was based on real events. The book kept them engaged and it was just adorable. Thank you again for taking the time to read it to us.
- Christine Rickert, Boonsboro ES Kindergarten Teacher, Lynchburg, VA

Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair by Martha Hamlett and illustrated by Davey Morgan is a lively rhyming story about a girl on an overnight stay at Grandmother’s house. Based on a true incident in Martha’s childhood when a bat actually did get caught in her sister’s hair, she brings it to life with a humorous slant. To the reader’s delight, the little mischievous bats try on the girl’s jewelry and run into walls in a attempt to have fun!

The story is brought to a happy ending when the Grandmother and little girl shoo that bats out of the house with a broom and patch up the holes which allowed them to enter the guest room. But, watch out for those tricky bats at the very end! Children enjoy the exciting concept of bats getting into the house, the rhyming text, and whimsical illustrations of this first book publishing by author Martha Hamlett.

- Lynn Makepeace, Leesville Road Elementary Librarian, Lynchburg, VA

Local author, Martha Hamlett, shares an adorable tale in "Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair." For an audience of kindergarten through third grade, the story, based on an actual event from her childhood, became a fun rhyming verse with vibrant illustrations.

Young Sally spends a night at her grandmotherís house only to be woken by a fluttering in the dark. Bats in the air and bats in her hair act silly in dancing, trying on necklaces and looking at themselves in the mirror. Attempting to clear the room of the intruders, Sally takes a broom to bat them away, and then gets her grandmother into the act. A window is opened and the bats fly out, but Sallyís dreams are then filled with bats in the air, bats in her hair.

The illustrations add much to the story, giving the bats a silly side to embrace, while the verse makes the book a read aloud joy.

- Heather Froeschl, The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, VA

As a future teacher, I will be sure to include this book in my classroom library. It's great for all elementary ages, and could be used as a fun read aloud or to teach a skill such as poetry or characterization. Students will love the colorful pictures and endearing characters! I love this book, and would suggest it for any teacher or parent looking for a story to entrance students.
- Megan,